Orange - Pearlized FX Automotive Paint, 4 oz.

Orange - Pearlized FX Automotive Paint, 4 oz.

Item#: AAC 4315-4Z
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Since 1974

  • Vivid pearl base coat colors which cover as a semi-opaque.
  • Used for complete paintjobs, graphics onto existing finishes or for intermixing with urethane paintjobs.
  • They are compatible with all urethane products allowing them to work with all urethane paint systems.
  • Comes in over 200 brilliant and durable colors and effects and is intermixable for endless color creations.
  • Available in Pearls, Pearl-Flakes, Metal-Flake, Metallics, Chameleons, Candys, Iridescent and More.
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Weight: 0.3 lb


Best applied over 4001 Sealer White or 4002 Sealer Dark. Full coverage requires 3 � 4 coats over sealer base. Lighter colors are best over Sealer White. 4308 Pearl Blue, 4311 Pearl Plum, 4312 Pearl Purple and 4314 Pearl Black may be applied over either although applying over 4002 Sealer Dark increases the color�s reflective effect. Apply 4302 Pearl Silver over either Sealer Dark or a grey sealer made by mixing Sealer White & Dark. 4301 Pearl White has an almond cast. For a clean, white pearl, use 4001 Sealer White top-coated with 3 � 4 coats of 4501 Hot Rod Sparkle White.