12.6" Inch (32cm) Large White Drawing Board World Earth Globe

12.6" Inch (32cm) Large White Drawing Board World Earth Globe

Item#: TCP GLB-122
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Since 1974

  • Classroom size desk globe
  • Perfect for outlining specific areas of interest
  • Great tool for teaching continent, country and city locations
  • Vertical axis rotation with the globe tilted at a 23.5° angle
  • Shows latitude and longitude reference lines
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Weight: 1.5 lb


A simple, yet informative and educational desktop world globe with a unique dry erase surface that will make geographical learning fun. The unique dry erase world globe includes outlined oceans, continental landmasses with political boundaries. Expand your perspective and enhance your knowledge of our earth and its geography with this great learning tool.

It features up-to-date cartography with a smooth dry erase surface. The globe is held by a semi meridian mounted on a plastic base. The globe is constructed from durable ABS Plastic Materials. Perfect for home, school, and office. Great for children & adults of all ages.

  • Globe Diameter: 12.6"
  • Height: 17"
  • Width: 13.5"
  • Weight: 3.28 lbs.
  • Map: Political
  • Ocean Color: White
  • Language: English
  • Natural Scale: 1:40,000,000
  • Semi-Meridian: Plastic, Black Color, Numbered
  • Base: Plastic, Black
  • UPC: 848849017281