24 Color All Fire Automotive Paint Set, 4 oz. Bottles

24 Color All Fire Automotive Paint Set, 4 oz. Bottles

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Since 1974

  • AAC 4004-4Z - Transparent Extender (2 each)
  • AAC 4011-4Z - Flash Reducer- Fast Dry (2 each)
  • TCP MIX-50 - 50 - 1-ounce Plastic Mix Cups
  • TCP HHP1802 - Small Batch Mix sticks
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Weight: 11.0 lb


AAC 4201-4Z - Brite White (2 Bottles)
AAC 4230-4Z - Transparent White
AAC 4231-4Z - Transparent Yellow
AAC 4232-4Z - Transparent Sun Gold
AAC 4233-4Z - Transparent Orange
AAC 4234-4Z - Transparent Fire Red
AAC 4237-4Z - Transparent Apple Green
AAC 4238-4Z - Transparent Brite Green
AAC 4241-4Z - Transparent Blue
AAC 4245-4Z - Transparent Magenta
AAC 4246-4Z - Transparent Red Violet
AAC 4247-4Z - Transparent Purple
AAC 4249-4Z - Transparent Black
AAC 4253-4Z - Transparent Red Oxide
AAC 4255-4Z - Transparent Cobalt Blue
AAC 4601-4Z - Candy Yellow
AAC 4603-4Z - Candy Orange
AAC 4607-4Z - Candy Brite Blue
AAC 4609-4Z - Candy Emerald Green
AAC 4610-4Z - Candy Deep Green
AAC 4611-4Z - Candy Magenta
AAC 4612-4Z - Candy Purple
AAC 4613-4Z - Racing Blue Candy Blue Violet
AAC 4618-4Z - Candy Racing Green
AAC 4004-4Z - Transparent Base (2 Bottles)
AAC 4012-4Z - 4-ounce High Performance Reducer (2 Bottles)
50 - Plastic 1-ounce Mix Cups 50 - Small Wood Mixing Sticks

Graphic colors intended for base colors and large applications where complete coverage is desired.

Best applied over a 4000 Sealer. Most colors applied over 4001 Sealer White for a brighter value. Apply Deep Black and darker colors over 4002 Sealer Dark. Not intended for fine, detailed artwork with a small tip-sized airbrush. Contains fillers for opacity which prevent fine atomization at reduced pressures.

Use as a color-keyed base for 4500 Series Sparklescent Color or 4300 Series Pearlescent Color. Semi-Opaque base reduces the amount of material required for a pearlized finish as the pearl color covers quicker in fewer coats than when used as a base color. Color-keying a base with a more expensive pearl mid-coat not only saves material, but it also reduces curing times.

Excess coats of a pearl color applied as a base color for coverage require over a white sealer require a longer drying period than a few light coats over a Semi-Opaque base color. On average, Semi-opaque Colors dry faster than do 4300 and 4500 Series Colors due to the higher solids content in the Semi-Opaque Colors.

Intended for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush.

Spray-Gun: 1.2mm tip Mini-Spray Gun: 1.0mm tip Airbrush: 0.35mm or larger Reduce: Spray-gun: @ 10% per volume with Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer Airbrush: @ 30% per volume or more with Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer