24 Color Transparent Paint Set, 4 oz. Bottles

24 Color Transparent Paint Set, 4 oz. Bottles

Item#: AAC KIT-T28
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Since 1974

  • Transparent 24 Auto Air Color Set with Flash Reducer & Sealer
  • Auto Air Colors are ready-to-spray base coat graphic colors for custom automotive painting
  • Auto Air Colors are the latest breakthrough in water-based non-toxic base coat paints
  • Auto Air Colors work with any urethane automotive clear and have less than 0.01% VOC
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Weight: 12.05 lb



  • KUS CM-5 Set of 4 Mini-Utility Stencil Designs
  • TCP MIX-50 1-oz. Plastic Mixing Cups, Pack of 50
  • TCP HHP1802 Box of 50 Small Batch Mixing Sticks AAC
  • ABD TM-121 Paint Mixer
  • AAC 4994-00 Auto Air Application Guide

Kit AAC KIT-T28 contains 1 each:

  • AAC 4001-4Z Base Coat Sealer White
  • AAC 4004-4Z Transparent Base
  • AAC 4230-4Z Transparent White
  • AAC 4231-4Z Transparent Yellow
  • AAC 4232-4Z Transparent Sun Gold
  • AAC 4233-4Z Transparent Orange
  • AAC 4234-4Z Transparent Fire Red
  • AAC 4235-4Z Transparent Traffic Red
  • AAC 4236-4Z Transparent Cherry Red
  • AAC 4237-4Z Transparent Apple Green
  • AAC 4238-4Z Transparent Brite Green
  • AAC 4241-4Z Transparent Blue
  • AAC 4242-4Z Transparent Marine Blue
  • AAC 4245-4Z Transparent Magenta
  • AAC 4246-4Z Transparent Red Violet
  • AAC 4247-4Z Transparent Purple
  • AAC 4248-4Z Transparent Root Beer
  • AAC 4249-4Z Transparent Black
  • AAC 4250-4Z Transparent Beige
  • AAC 4251-4Z Transparent Tan
  • AAC 4253-4Z Transparent Red Oxide
  • AAC 4255-4Z Transparent Cobalt Blue
  • AAC 4256-4Z Transparent Smoke Black
  • AAC 4610-4Z Candy Deep Green
  • AAC 4608-4Z Candy Teal Blue
  • AAC 4612-4Z Candy Purple
  • AAC 4611-4Z Candy Magenta
  • AAC 4617-4Z Candy Old Gold
  • AAC 4614-4Z Candy Root Beer
  • AAC 4012-4Z High Performance Reducer