Sets 1, 2, 13 920 Airbrush Nail Art STENCIL DESIGNS 60 Circle Template Sheets KIt

Sets 1, 2, 13 920 Airbrush Nail Art STENCIL DESIGNS 60 Circle Template Sheets KIt

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Since 1974

  • Complete Custom Body Art Nail Art Circle Shaped Stencil Kit with 3 Different Sets of 20 Stencil Sheets and a Huge Assortment of Designs
  • Contains Sets 1, 2 & 13 with 20 - 4.5" Circle Stencil Design Sheets in Each Set (60 Sheets Total) and over 920 Nail Art Design Patterns
  • Stencils are made of Durable, Flexible and Reusable Mylar
  • Each Stencil Design Sheet contains a colored picture sheet portraying some designs in use and they make it easier to identify the choice of stencil design to use by yourself and clients
  • Professional Results are Easy with Custom Body Art Nail Stencils!
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Weight: 1.0 lb


All 3 Stencil Sets have Huge Assortments of Designs.

Stencil Set 1
(Stencils# 1-20) Designs Include:

  • Multiple Varieties of Flowers, Plants, Leaves and Trees
  • Land, Air and Sea Animals: Birds, Bees, Ants, Crabs, Butterflies, Spiders, Fishes, Seahorses, Bunny, Paws
  • Nature, Seasonal, Tropical and Party Items plus Many More Designs

Stencil Set 2
(Stencils# 21-40) Designs Include:

  • Multiple Sizes & Varieties of: Flowers, Plants, Leaves, Stars, Circles, Hearts, Facial Parts
  • People & Objects: Facial Features, Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows, Hair, Crosses, Balloons, Moons

Stencil Set 13
(Stencils# 241-260) Designs Include:

  • Animals: Butterflies, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Bunny, Birds, Turkey, Deer, Fishes, Bears, Dolphins, Bats, Camel, Mouse, Bull
  • Nature: Trees, Flowers, Roses, Plants, Leaves, Palms, Cactus, S(more...)