Hanko 1000 Grit 6" PSA Sanding Disc Film Back Wet Dry Sandpaper Abrasive 100 Pc

Hanko 1000 Grit 6" PSA Sanding Disc Film Back Wet Dry Sandpaper Abrasive 100 Pc

by Hanko
Item#: HNK 34-3020-1000
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Since 1974

  • Hanko Coated Sandpaper Discs with Hook & Loop Style Backing
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Weight: 1.5 lb


HANKO sanding disks are ideal for automotive, wood, and construction use. The disks are made from aluminum oxide “ a tough, durable, long lasting abrasive that can be used many times. It is the most widely used abrasive grain in surface preparation for paint, wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic.

HANKO offers a variety of grit sandpaper ranging from Micro-Fine Grit (P2000) to Coarse (P40). You can use the sandpaper for a variety of applications depending on the grit. Use higher grits for fine sanding such as removing luster, surface blemishes, and scratches. Use lower grits for heavy sanding and stripping.

  • Film backing: For more consistent finishes, faster cut, tear resistance and longer life vs. paper backed discs
  • Premium blue-fired aluminum oxide mineral: For longer life than other aluminum oxide discs
  • Phenolic Resin over Resin Bond: For better mineral retention and longer life than urea resin or resin over glue bonds
  • Modified Open Coat with Premium Stearate: To resist loading for longer life
  • Can be used Wet or Dry
  • Packaging: 100 discs per box
  • Backing: PET FILM
  • Grain: Blue Aluminum Oxide
  • Bond: Resin over Resin
  • Attachment: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
  • Modified Open Coat
  • Premium Stearate