12 Color Pack - Standard Pearl Pigment 10-40 Micron Size, 2 oz

12 Color Pack - Standard Pearl Pigment 10-40 Micron Size, 2 oz

Item#: KUS SP-12PACK-2Z
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Since 1974

  • The traditional automotive Standard Size Pearl (SP) range in size from 10-40 microns
  • Within the traditional pearl family, we offer Interference Pearls (Color Flop), Metal Luster Effects and Mild Color Shifting Pearls
  • SP can be sprayed out of any High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun or conventional spray gun, and can be sprayed out of an Airbrush with a .35mm nozzel setup or larger
  • Custom Shop's exceptional collection of traditional Pearls for the Custom painter includes Fine Pearl (FP) 5-25 microns, Standard Pearl (SP) 10-40 microns, and Sparkle Pearl (LP) 10-125 microns
  • Standard Pearl(SP) is available in 12 colors packaged in a plastic bottle: 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz. 1 lb orders will be packaged in either a 1/2 gallon plastic bottle or metal can. Also available in 12 or 6 color kits
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Weight: 3.6 lb


Kustom Shop's Xyrellic Pearl represents the latest in Pearl technology. All of our series of pearl are produced from Automotive grade materials that are the best available.

Kustom Shop pearls are UV weather resistant rated so they are highly resistant to fading, which is what you expect from a quality product.