Original Shoot Suit Coveralls, Medium

Original Shoot Suit Coveralls, Medium

Item#: SUI 2001
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Since 1974

  • ***Note: Due to Covid-19, all sales are final on any coverall paint suits. Returns will not be authorized***
  • Nylon Front Sleeves Hood
  • Full Body Coverage Head to Toe
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Full Front Zipper
  • Won't Cling to Clothes Underneath
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Weight: 0.5 lb


Life Expectancy 3-4 Months. Nylon Front, Sleeves, Hood. Breathable Cotton/Poly Back. Full Body Coverage, Head to Toe. Full Zipper Front. Back Tape Pocket Sewn into Side Seam so it won't Pull Out. Half the Cost of Disposables. Reusable - Washable. Machine Wash and Dry. Lint Free. Extremely Lightweight. Won't Cling to Clothes Underneath. Good Ft, Elastic Waist Keeps Suit Tight but Comfortable. Sleeves Won't Ride up. Excellent Barrier Against Fiberglass Dust.