7" Professional High Performance Variable Speed Polisher with 3 Pad Buffing & Polishing Kit and Pad Cleaning Spur - Buff Polish Detail Car Auto Paint

7" Professional High Performance Variable Speed Polisher with 3 Pad Buffing & Polishing Kit and Pad Cleaning Spur - Buff Polish Detail Car Auto Paint

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Since 1974

  • Professional High Performance Detailing System with a PowerfulVariable Speed Polisher and Cool Running Waffle Foam & WoolPolishing Pads
  • TCP Global Model EP-508 Professional High Performance 7" VariableSpeed Polisher with a Powerful 12 Amp, 1200 Watt Motor and Variable Speed Adjustment from 1,000 to 3,000 rpm
  • Cut and Buff the most difficult oxidized automotive coatings,hardest clear coats and color sanding scratches, then polish the finishto bring out the highest level show car of shine
  • 2 - 8" Cool running foam waffle polishing pads and 1 - 8" wool buffing pad and they all have grip (hook & loop) attachments
  • The waffle foam design improves their effectiveness by providingbetter pad contact with the surface, which reduces heat build-up anddelivers smoother polishing action
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Weight: 7.15 lb


TCP Global 7" Professional High Performance Variable Speed Polisher with a 3 Pad Buffing and Polishing Kit and a Pad Cleaning Spur

TCP Global Brand High Performance Waffle Foam Buffing and Polishing Pads Features & Benefits: Polish Pads contain a grip (hook & loop) attachment; Waffle foam pads deliver a smoother polishing action by reducing heat build-up; providing better pad contact with the surface and reducing the polishes sling. Their durable open cell foam improves airflow for smoother polishing.

Pad Kit Includes: (2 - 8" Waffle Foam Grip Pads & 1 - 8" Wool Grip Pad along with a 7" Polisher Grip Backing Plate)

  • Black 8" Extra Fine Waffle Foam Polish Pad
    • Ultra smooth finishing pad; Provides a rich swirl-free high gloss finish
    • Excellent for final finishing, polishing, glazing or waxing
  • Orange 8" Coarse Waffle Foam Polish Pad
    • Standard grade cutting pad; Buffs the average car finish
    • Cuts surface orange peel; Color sanding scratches; Enamels, acrylics and urethane's
  • Wool 8" Coarse Wool Compounding Pad
    • Heavy cut 100% wool pad; Buff oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches and color sanding scratches
    • Excellent for hard topcoats and clear coats
  • Black 7" Grip Mount Backing Plate
    • Standard 5/8" polisher threads; Provides a no-slip grip and allows for quick pad changes

TCP Global Model EP-508 7" Variable Speed Polisher Features and Specifications:

  • High Performance Polisher with a Powerful 12 Amp, 1200 Watt Motor (1 Year Warranty)
    • Professional Lightweight Rotary Polisher with heat-treated precision cut gears for extending the life of the polisher
    • All Purpose Polisher that's excellent for automotive detailing, buffing and polishing or for sanding wood and metal
    • Standard 5/8" x 11 TPI Spindle Threads with spindle lock for easy pad and backing plate changing
    • Length: 16 inches; Weight: 6.0 lbs; 120v; 60 hz; 10 Foot Double Insulated Power Cord
  • Features Variable Speed Control
    • Speed control dial allows users to adjust polisher speed from 1,000 to 3,000 rpm
    • Adjust the polishers rpm depending on the appropriate speed needed for cutting, polishing or final finishing applications
    • Soft starting polisher that maintains high torque levels at low speeds which is ideal for polishing
  • Polisher Includes
    • 7" Grip (Hook & Loop) Backing Plate - For use with buffing and polishing pads
    • Comes with both a traditional Side Handle and an over the top D Style Handle
    • Wool Polishing Pad Bonnet; Protective Polisher Head Cover
    • Extra Set of Polisher Motor Brushes - External brush caps make it easy to change or maintenance the carbon motor brushes
    • 1 Year Factory Warranty

Buffing Pad Cleaning Spur - Extend your pads life by keeping all your pads clean and ready for use. Clean debris off pads by simply running the spur over the pad as it is spinning.