1/4" 2-Way Quick Coupler Three Way Connector

1/4" 2-Way Quick Coupler Three Way Connector

Item#: TCP AF-2
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Weight: 1.3 lb


Full control of operating air pressure is provided by the locking airflow adjustment knob. Water Moisture Trap Filter: Removes solid particles and condensation associated with compressed air. Provides you clean, dry air which prevents damage to air tools and pneumatic equipment. Has an easy release drain valve. Micro-Fog Lubricator: Supplies lubricating oil to pneumatic equipment in the proper proportions oil to air consumption, which is very important. Use this Two Part Control Unit only with air tools that require oil. Tools such as spray guns or blowguns should have a separate air hose that bypasses the whole unit. Inlet and Outlet Sizes: 1/4" NPT Maximum air pressure: 150 PSI (10 Bar) Maximum Temperature: 140 F (60 C) All the Premium Benefits without the Premium Price! Automatically: Lubricates, Filters, and Regulates Airflow for Pneumatic Air Tools.