Stmf1830 18" x 30' S. Tran Masking Film Semi-Transparent

Stmf1830 18" x 30' S. Tran Masking Film Semi-Transparent

Item#: KUS STMF1830
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Weight: 1.4 lb


Custom Shops Semi-Transparent/Transfer Film 1 Roll of 18"30'

Custom Shops New Self-Adhesive Tracing/Masking Film

Use for tracing and cutting templates, making stencils, lettering and as a secure masking tape.

This Film does it all, making it ideal for airbrushing, auto & motorcycle graphics, lettering, signs, artists and illustrators.


  • Bends easily around irregularly curved surfaces
  • Cuts easily and cleanly with a razor or X-Acto Knife
  • Adheres securely to surfaces preventing under-spray
  • Solvent Proof and leaves no adhesives residue
  • Can be easily removed and repositioned
  • Semi-Transparent; can be written on with pencil

Custom Shop Masking/Transfer Film
Available in Clear and Semi-Transparent

Clear Sizes: KUS CMF12150 - 12"150', KUS CMF1230 - 12"30', KUS CMF18150 - 18"150', KUS CMF1830 - 18"30', KUS CMF6150 - 6"150', KUS CMF630 - 6"30'

Semi-Transparent Sizes: KUS STMF12150 - 12"150', KUS STMF1230 - 12"30', KUS STMF18150 - 18"150', KUS STMF1830 - 18"30', KUS STMF6150 - 6"150', KUS STMF630 - 6"30'