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The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” - Robert Henri

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First Time Set Up

First Time Setup

Step 1.

Use the threading tape and wrap it around the male end of the connector several times.

Step 2.

Screw on one end of the hose to that male connector.

Step 3.

Thread the other end of the Hose onto the Airbrush. And turn the compressor on.

Step 4. 

To adjust the air pressure, find the air regulator and pull up on the black round knob to unlock it. Then turn it clockwise to increase the air pressure or counter clockwise to decrease the air pressure.

Step 5. 

Now add a few drops of water into the paint cup or jar. Press down on the trigger to start the air flow and pull back on the trigger to start the fluid flow. The more the trigger is pulled back, the more fluid is released.

How to Operate Airbrush

How to Operate Airbrush

How to Hold

Trigger Operation

Beginner Strokes


Airbrush Cleaning & Color Changing

Airbrush Cleaning / Color Changing

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your airbrush clean after every use.

Learning to clean your airbrush is the very first thing you should learn, before painting.

Gravity Feed

Side Feed

Bottom Feed

Single Action Siphon Feed

Disassembly & Deep Cleaning

Disassembly & Deep Cleaning

Gravity Feed

Side Feed

Bottom Feed

Single Action Siphon Feed

Pistol Trigger Gravity Feed

Repair & Troubleshooting

Repair & Troubleshooting


Bent Needle Repair

Removing A Broken Fluid Nozzle

Replacing The Auxiliary Lever



Do's & Don'ts

Beginner Strokes

Sample Painting Tutorial




Cleaning - Gravity Airbrush

Cleaning - Side Airbrush

Cleaning - Deep Clean Airbrush

Repair - Broken Fluid Nozzle


TC-22 Compressor

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Practice Strokes

Beginner Tutorial

Intermediate Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial


Cleaning - Airbrush

Equipment Set Up - Make Up


Instructional - Application


Cleaning - Tanning Gun

Equipment Set Up - Tanning

Spray Tanning Introduction

Spray Tan Preparation


Cleaning - Cake Airbrush

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