HOK Graphic Colors SG - Ready to Spray
Shimrin® Graphic Kolors (SG Series) & Solid Base Coats (BC Series):
‘The bright building block for your flawless paint job’

Graphic Kolors along with BC25 Black and BC26 White, are the high-performance solid color range in the House of Kolor line-up. Featuring intense clean color & great coverage – this product is created purely of 100% organic pigment. Mainly used as ground coats, but can be applied also as a top coat for those looking for a powerful burst of solid color. Available in 13 unique base coat colors to satisfy your creative needs! Feature fast coverage, high pigmentation and low solids. Universal basecoat that may be simply cleared for a final finish or used as a basecoat with other Kandys or Pearls in the HOK range. Can be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. Designed to reduce paint build up.

NOTE: California Residents and all areas with 3.5 VOC or lower requirements must use Shimrin2 or KV1 Konvertor.

Download SHIMRIN® Graphic Technical Datasheet