HOK Kandy Koncentrates KK - Ready to Spray

HOK Kandy Koncentrates KK - Ready to Spray

Kandy Koncentrate Intensifiers (KK Series):
‘For those that just can’t get enough color’

This specially designed product is solely for intensifying color. If you are a color junkie and just can’t get enough, try adding a color boost to our Kandy’s range. Speed up your spray process by tinting your bases and sealer. Strengthen Kandy’s for faster coverage on chassis, undercarriage, door jambs, engine bays, etc. Kandy Koncentrates will get you through the tough stuff fast by, saving time & material. Also a great product for airbrushing. Create a truly exotic color by adding Koncentrate to one of our standard Kandy colors – giving you ultimate creative control! Perfect for motorcycles or small parts when speed is a factor. Great to use for touch-ups and blending.

Download SHIMRIN® Kandy Koncentrate Technical Datasheet
Item#: HOK KK05/SG100-4Z

Cobalt Blue - Shimrin (1st Gen) Kandy Koncentrate Intensifier, 4 oz (Ready-to-Spray) House of Kolor


4 oz. Bottle - READY TO SPRAY (KK) Kandy Koncentrate Mixed with SG100 & Reduced 2:1 with RU311 Medium Reducer to be Airbrush or Spray Gun Read...

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