Shimrin® Metajuls® Basecoats (MBC Series):

Exceptional sparkle & brightness

Shimrin Metajuls Metallic Bases are our most brilliant metallic basecoats that feature exceptional sparkle& brightness. You haven’t seen sparkle until you get your hands on Metajuls Metallics! Used alone they are spectacular, but when teamed with Kandys – they really become magic! Add a complete new dimension to your project by working with Metajuls under our enormous palette of Kandys. Metajuls Metallic bases may also be intermixed with other Shimrin’s including the Neons, Graphic Kolors and Designer Pearls making color possibilities endless! Available in Pale Gold (MBC01) and Prism Effect (MBC04). Endless color possibilities – may be intermixed with other Shimrin’s including the Neons, Graphic Kolors, Kandy Koncentrates & Designer Pearls. Universal basecoat that may be simply cleared fora final finish or used as a basecoat with other Urethane Kandy’s.Exceptional sparkle that doesn’t require multi-clear layers.

Important: California Residents and all areas with 3.5 VOC or lower requirements must use Shimrin2 orKV1 Konvertor.

Note: Monitors vary - onscreen colors are for general color reference only.

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Pale Gold Metajuls


Prism Effect Metajuls