Shimrin® Kosmic Krome® (MC Series):

Hard hitting metal look

The Kosmic Krome effect has evolvedfrom the development of revolutionary aluminum flake chemistry. Thefinal result can be a beautiful and interesting finish that whencombined with other HOK products transforms into an entirely differentrealm. Brushed aluminum effect can be applied to create a real metalfinish – even on wood or plastic! Ideal for detailing of interior partsand available in 5 metal color effects. Finished Kosmic Krome surfacesmust be clear coated – with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer.Unlimited options when topcoated with Kandys for a anodized look.

Note: Monitors vary - onscreen colors are for general color reference only.

Choose your Color:


Mirror Reflective


Aluminum Effect


Copper Effect


Bronze Effect


Gold Effect