Hot Rod Flatz
CustomShop introduces Hot Rod Flatz, a pre-flattened ready to spray low-gloss color with the desired 30-degree satin primer appearance. There's no guessing with how much flattener to add; it's already added for you.
Just mix at the 4-parts color to 1 part hardener to 1 part reducer ratio and you're ready to spray.Our urethane system is easier to mix and spray, with much greater durability and chemical resistance. Our gallon kit produces 1 1/2 gallons of sprayable material

"Once you go flat you'll never go Back"

NOTE: The number of coats, film build, spray gun set-up and application will affect the final appearance and gloss of Hot Rod Flatz. Before spraying the vehicle,
it is recommended that a test panel be sprayed to determine the overall final appearance. Sanding and or polishing out dirt or defects is notpossible from the final cured finish.

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