There are so many things that can be affecting your Airbrush and it’s sometimes difficult to pin point where exactly this could be. Here is a little list of things to check before you are in real trouble. Also, something to note that the problem is not always or solely the airbrush as you also have the compressor and or the paint to point your finger at.  There are many different variances that could be making your airbrush malfunction and here is a list of just a few.

Not spraying:

1. Nozzle is clogged

2. Nozzle cap or air cap is loose

3. Loose needle chucking nut

4. Damaged Nozzle

5. Low air pressure

Grainy or Textured spray:

1. Dirty airbrush

2. Low air pressure

3. Paint is too thick


1. Dirty airbrush

2. Paint is too thick

3. Air pressure is too low


1. Dirty airbrush

2. Paint is too thick

3. Air pressure too low

4. Dried paint on the end of needle

Bubbling fluid in cup or jar:
1. Clogged Nozzle
2. Damaged or cracked Nozzle
3. Nozzle or Air cap is loose
Sticky trigger:
1. Trigger and air valve packing need cleaning and lubed
Double lines:
1. Bent needle
2. Dirty airbrush
1. Airbrush too close to surface with too much paint flowing
2. Paint is to thin
Paper bucking:
1. Applying too much paint in one area
1. Nozzle is clogged
2. Dried paint on needle
1. Air pressure too low
2. Compressor not powerful enough