Beugler Professional Striper Tool-Pinstriping-Pinstripe

Beugler Professional Striper Tool-Pinstriping-Pinstripe

by Beugler
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  • Professional Striping Tool Kit
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Weight: 2.0 lb


BEUGLER Professional Striping Tool Kit with Instructional DVD

FOR THE SERIOUS STRIPER, this Deluxe Kit comes with the Beugler Striping Tool, 3 Standard Wheel Heads, and an Instructional Video. Deluxe 259 Striping Tool

Kit Includes:

  • Beugler Striping Tool with 3 Standard Wheel Heads
  • Wheel Head #'s 16, 25, 43, 57, 73, 93, 115
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Guide Arms
  • User's Manual
  • Instructional DVD Video
  • Blue and Gold box suitable for gift giving

For Fast, Accurate, and Consistent Lines use this Professional Pinstriping Tool!

Kit includes these 7 Wheel Head Sizes:: 1/64"/.4mm,1/32"/.8mm,3/64"/1.3mm,1/16"/1.7mm,3 32"/2.3mm,7/64"/2.8mm,1/8"/3.2mm


Magnetic Guide Strip: 16.5 feet / 5 meters

Beugler's flexible MAGNETIC GUIDE for provides unsurpassed control. The channel in this magnetic guide will guide your tool and assist you in painting flawless straight lines or long smooth curves.

NOTE: Magnetic Guide Strip is NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT

Buegler Delivers FAST, ACCURATE, and CONSISTENT Lines

From Hot Rods to Rolls Royces, Motorhomes to Limosines, the Beugler Striping Tool is the preferred method for striping all cars, trucks, motorcycles and more! Use Beugler's flexible MAGNETIC GUIDE for unsurpassed control. The channel in this magnetic guide will guide your tool and assist you in painting flawless straight lines or long smooth curves.


The Beugler Striper makes pinstriping and detailed paint lining on any surface remarkably simple, and it's easy to use. Your Beugler Striper comes complete with a variety of wheel heads enabling you to stripe in several widths, from extremely fine lines to clean broad strokes. Use most any creamy consistency paint to obtain excellent results on virtually any surface from metal to cloth, even glass and wood. Flat or curved, smooth and porous surfaces, the Beugler striping tool applies clean paint lines and gives you excellent results with very little practice. One-Shot Brand and Kustom Shop Brand EZ Flow Paint works excellent in the Beugler Striper.

The Beugler Striper uses a unique wheel head design that distributes paint evenly on any surface.

The Beugler tool is safe and non-pressurized. It is not gravity fed which enables paint to flow in any position.

No tape is needed for clean edges. The Beugler Striper eliminates stick-on vinyl tape and paint brushes.

The Beugler Striper's precision design and machining allows for an even layer of paint to be applied without variance in thickness or width. The Beugler striping tool consists of a paint barrel and a friction fit wheel head. When rotated the wheel picks up and distributes paint evenly by way of precision serrations, regardless of speed of application.

The tool's plunger provides a ready supply of paint without pressurizing the barrel.