74 Color Airbrush Paint Set, 2 oz. Bottles

74 Color Airbrush Paint Set, 2 oz. Bottles

Item#: CRE KIT-C74
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Since 1974

  • Includes DVD, Cleaner, Clear Coats and Bonus Paint Mixer
  • You get one 2-ounce bottle of EVERY Createx paint color.
  • Note: Monitors vary - onscreen colors are for general color reference only.
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Weight: 20.0 lb


Complete 74 Color Createx Paint Set Includes 80 Bottles of Product including Clearcoat and Additives, Instructional DVD, 50 Paint Mixing Cups and Paint Mixer

Createx Airbrush Colors are professional grade airbrush colors which are manufactured with the highest quality control standards. Createx uses the finest pigments available and the colors have a brightness and richness unmatched by others. Createx can be used on a variety of surfaces (i.e. fabrics, leather, canvas, paper, wood, ceramics, and clay) with permanent results.

Complete 74 Color Createx Paint Set Kit contains the most popular colors from each Createx Paint Type CRE KIT-C74 contains 1 each:

  • CRE 5102-2Z 2-oz. Violet
  • CRE 5103-2Z 2-oz. Red Violet
  • CRE 5105-2Z 2-oz. Caribbean Blue
  • CRE 5106-2Z 2-oz. Pthalo Blue
  • CRE 5107-2Z 2-oz. Ultramarine Blue
  • CRE 5108-2Z 2-oz. Deep Blue
  • CRE 5109-2Z 2-oz. Light Green
  • CRE 5110-2Z 2-oz. Pthalo Green
  • CRE 5111-2Z 2-oz. Aqua
  • CRE 5112-2Z 2-oz. Turquoise
  • CRE 5113-2Z 2-oz. Golden Yellow
  • CRE 5114-2Z 2-oz. Yellow
  • CRE 5115-2Z 2-oz. Leaf Green
  • CRE 5116-2Z 2-oz. Tropical Green
  • CRE 5117-2Z 2-oz. Red
  • CRE 5118-2Z 2-oz. Scarlet
  • CRE 5119-2Z 2-oz. Orange
  • CRE 5121-2Z 2-oz. Flamingo Pink
  • CRE 5122-2Z 2-oz. Fuchsia
  • CRE 5123-2Z 2-oz. Burgundy
  • CRE 5124-2Z 2-oz. Deep Red
  • CRE 5125-2Z 2-oz. Fleshtone
  • CRE 5126-2Z 2-oz. Sand
  • CRE 5127-2Z 2-oz. Light Brown
  • CRE 5128-2Z 2-oz. Dark Brown
  • CRE 5129-2Z 2-oz. Gray
  • CRE 5131-2Z 2-oz. Tinting White
  • CRE 5132-2Z 2-oz. Tinting Black
  • CRE 5133-2Z 2-oz. Tr Canary Yellow
  • CRE 5134-2Z 2-oz. Trans Maui Blue
  • CRE 5135-2Z 2-oz. Trans Purple
  • CRE 5201-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Blue
  • CRE 5202-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Purple
  • CRE 5203-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Lilac
  • CRE 5204-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Yellow
  • CRE 5205-2Z 2-oz. Light Green
  • CRE 5206-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Aqua
  • CRE 5207-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Sky Blue
  • CRE 5208-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Coral
  • CRE 5210-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Red
  • CRE 5211-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Black
  • CRE 5212-2Z 2-oz. Opaque White
  • CRE 5301-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Purple
  • CRE 5302-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Magenta
  • CRE 5303-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Turquoise
  • CRE 5304-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Blue
  • CRE 5305-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Green
  • CRE 5306-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Copper
  • CRE 5307-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Satin Gold
  • CRE 5308-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Silver
  • CRE 5309-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Red
  • CRE 5310-2Z 2-oz. Pearl White
  • CRE 5311-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Pineapple
  • CRE 5312-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Tangerine
  • CRE 5313-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Lime
  • CRE 5314-2Z 2-oz. Pearl Plum
  • CRE 5401-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Violet
  • CRE 5402-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Raspberry
  • CRE 5403-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Blue
  • CRE 5404-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Green
  • CRE 5405-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Yellow
  • CRE 5406-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Magenta
  • CRE 5407-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Hot Pink
  • CRE 5408-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Red
  • CRE 5409-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Orange
  • CRE 5410-2Z 2-oz. Fluorescent Sunburst
  • CRE 5501-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Red
  • CRE 5502-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Scarlet
  • CRE 5503-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Yellow
  • CRE 5504-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Turquoise
  • CRE 5505-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Electric Blue
  • CRE 5506-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Violet
  • CRE 5507-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Green
  • CRE 5508-2Z 2-oz. Iridescent Fuchsia
  • PLUS:CRE 5601-2Z 2-oz. Extender
  • PLUS:CRE 5618-HP 8-oz. Createx Cleaner
  • PLUS:CRE 5917-00 How to Begin Airbrushing DVD
  • PLUS:TCP MIX-50 -1oz. Plastic MixingCups
  • PLUS:Pack of 50