30 Color Transparent Airbrush Paint Set, 2 oz. Bottles

30 Color Transparent Airbrush Paint Set, 2 oz. Bottles

Item#: CRE KIT-T30
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  • CRE KIT-T30 contains 1 each of all 30 transparent colors plus opaque black and white
  • Also includes an 8 ounce bottle of Createx cleaner and a pack of 50 1-ounce mixing cups.
  • Comprehensive set for any painter.
  • Now Included Is a (FREE) How to Airbrush Training Book to Get You Started, Published Exclusively By TCP Global.
  • Note: Monitors vary - onscreen colors are for general color reference only.
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Weight: 11.15 lb


30 Color Createx Paint Set with 37 Bottles of Product Including Cleaner and 50 Paint Mixing Cups

Createx Airbrush Colors are the number one, most widely used and trusted professional airbrush paint in the world. Made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients, Createx works on fabric, wood, leather, canvass, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramic, clay, poster board, brick, plaster, latex, glass and more. Colors are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards. Colors include Opaque, Transparent, Fluorescent, Pearlized and Iridescent Colors.

Complete 30 Color Createx Paint Set Kit contains the most popular Transparent colors CRE KIT-T30 contains 1 each:

  • CRE 5102-2Z 2-oz. Violet
  • CRE 5103-2Z 2-oz. Red Violet
  • CRE 5105-2Z 2-oz. Caribbean Blue
  • CRE 5106-2Z 2-oz. Pthalo Blue
  • CRE 5107-2Z 2-oz. Ultramarine Blue
  • CRE 5108-2Z 2-oz. Deep Blue
  • CRE 5109-2Z 2-oz. Light Green
  • CRE 5110-2Z 2-oz. Pthalo Green
  • CRE 5111-2Z 2-oz. Aqua
  • CRE 5112-2Z 2-oz. Turquoise
  • CRE 5113-2Z 2-oz. Golden Yellow
  • CRE 5114-2Z 2-oz. Yellow
  • CRE 5115-2Z 2-oz. Leaf Green
  • CRE 5116-2Z 2-oz. Tropical Green
  • CRE 5117-2Z 2-oz. Red
  • CRE 5118-2Z 2-oz. Scarlet
  • CRE 5119-2Z 2-oz. Orange
  • CRE 5121-2Z 2-oz. Flamingo Pink
  • CRE 5122-2Z 2-oz. Fuchsia
  • CRE 5123-2Z 2-oz. Burgundy
  • CRE 5124-2Z 2-oz. Deep Red
  • CRE 5125-2Z 2-oz. Fleshtone
  • CRE 5126-2Z 2-oz. Sand
  • CRE 5127-2Z 2-oz. Light Brown
  • CRE 5129-2Z 2-oz. Gray
  • CRE 5131-2Z 2-oz. Tinting White
  • CRE 5132-2Z 2-oz. Tinting Black
  • CRE 5133-2Z 2-oz. Tr Canary Yellow
  • CRE 5134-2Z 2-oz. Trans Maui Blue
  • CRE 5135-2Z 2-oz. Trans Purple
  • CRE 5211-2Z 2-oz. Opaque Black
  • CRE 5212-2Z 2-oz. Opaque White
  • PLUS:CRE 5618-HP 8-oz. Createx Cleaner
  • Master Airbrush How to Airbrush Guide
  • TCP MIX-50 -1oz. Plastic Mixing Cups, Pack of 50