Ice Gold II - Ice Pearl Glass Flake Pigments, 2 oz Jar House of Kolor

Ice Gold II - Ice Pearl Glass Flake Pigments, 2 oz Jar House of Kolor

Item#: HOK IPII01-2Z
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Since 1974

  • 2 oz. Jar of Ice Pearl
  • Ice Pearls surpass all traditional pearls for brightness of color transparency and reflectivity
  • May be used in conjunction with Shimrin Universal bases Kandys Klears Marblizers or Kustom Bases
    • Note: Monitors vary - onscreen colors are for general color reference only.
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Weight: 0.2 lb


Ice Pearl glass flake pigments go beyond traditional pearls in brightness of color, transparency, and reflectivity. They have brightness and sparkle under sunlight conditions. Ice Pearl may be used in any of our Shimrin® Universal bases, Kandys, Klears, Marblizer®s or Kustom Bases. They are an excellent base for Kandy finishes, giving a brilliant glitter effect. Blends of Ice

Pearl pigments give true multicolor effect, showing the individual colors of the pearl used in the blend. Ice Pearl gives the custom painter additional creativity to design “one of a kind” custom finishes.

Add Ice Pearl to mixed clear (ready to spray) and apply over the base coat. Ice Pearl may be added to any of our or Kosmic Clears, including SG100 Intercoat Clear or SG150 Intercoat Pearl & Flake Karrier for best results.

Use SG100 or SG150 over Shimrin® Universal Bases only. The color of your base will determine how much pearl you use.

The size of the object being painted will dictate the amount of pearl also. Larger objects require less pearl than smaller objects. On large objects, start low and add additional pearl slowly. Too much pearl will reduce the pearl effect due to overcrowding of the pearl platelets.