Urethane Rokket Klear

Urethane Rokket Klear

Item#: HOK URC01-QT
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  • Urethane Rokket Klear (URC01) is ideal for those small pieces that need to look show-ready in a time crunch. URC01 doesn't require any flash time between coats.
  • Actual VOC does not exceed 0.85 Lb/Gal (102 g/L)
  • Catalyst: KU152
  • Mix Ratio: 4:1
  • Pot Life: 1 Hour at 75F Note: Shop conditions can vary pot life.
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Weight: 2.7 lb



URC01 Urethane Kosmic Rokket Klear is the fastest drying Klear House of Kolor has ever produced. Using state of the art polymer technology, we have developed a klear with excellent chemical, fuel, water resistance, and UV protection. URC01 is ideal for Bike Tin, small parts, jambing, intercoat over artwork, and all those quick jobs that you are still looking for, that show-ready finish that House of Kolor users crave. Urethane Kosmic Rokket Klear does not require a flash time between coats: wet on wet application.

NOTES: DO NOT attempt to clear complete vehicle. URC01 has been developed for use on small surfaces only. This product has an extremely fast dry time. Previous coats should be FULLY FLASHED or at RECOMMENDED CURE TIME before applying the URC01. NOT RECOMMENDED for application over the MC Kosmic Krome line, Urethane Kandys, or use as a Kandy Karrier.


  • All House of Kolor standard basecoats, Solid Graphics and artwork.
  • Properly cured and prepared OEM finishes


  • URC01 - Urethane Kosmic Rokket Klear
  • KU152 - Kosmic Exempt Catalyst
  • RU310 - Fast Reducer 65F to 75F
  • RU311 - Medium Reducer 75F to 85F
  • RU312 - Slow Reducer 85F to 95F
  • RU313 - Very Slow Reducer 95F to 100+F


    For 2.1 lb/gal (250 g/L) VOC Compliance (Low VOC) - (4:1:0-5% by volume)
  • 4 parts URC01 Urethane Kosmic Rokket Klear
  • 1 part KU152 Catalyst
  • Optional: 0-5% RU310 - 313 Series Reducers


Please be aware that Shimrin2® bases, Kandy Basecoats and Klears can be susceptible to staining or bleeding from plastic fillers, putties, fiberglass resins and some primers. To prevent staining, Please refer to the tech pages on KD3000 Series DTS Foundation Surfacer Sealers, or KP series. Under layers should be FULLY FLASHED or at RECOMMENDED CURE TIME before applying the URC01.


  • 10 minutes Dust Free
  • 30 minutes Nib Sand & Buff
  • 60 minutes - Wet Sand, buff & Deliver
  • Dry times may vary due to air temperature, humidity, airflow, and film thickness.
  • If cutting and buffing is desired, the product must be wet sanded and buffed within 3 - 4 hours after application.


  • No flash time between coats for most surfaces. Apply two full wet-on-wet coats.
  • Small or curved parts/objects with multiple inverted angles, RECOMMEND 1-2 minutes flash between coats. DO NOT EXCEED more than 5 minutes. Longer flash times between coats may cause dulling or flat appearance.


Clean equipment thoroughly with lacquer thinner or urethane reducer (check local regulations)