Size 000 - Original Mack Sword Striper Pinstriping Brush

Size 000 - Original Mack Sword Striper Pinstriping Brush

Item#: MAC 10-000
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Since 1974

  • A Brush Designed Just For Pinstripers!
  • Handcrafted and shaped as it was many years ago
  • Extra attention given To quality control with respect to shape and cleaning
  • The very finest grade of blue squirrel
  • Blue thread ferrule
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Weight: 0.2 lb


10 Series - Squirrel Hair SWORD Stripers

  • 100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair
  • Hand Crafted And Shaped As It Was Many Years Ago
  • Extra Attention Given To Quality Control With Respect To Shape And Cleaning
  • The Very Finest Grade Of Blue Squirrel
  • Our New Blue Thread Ferrule
  • Regular Length Of Hair: 2 inches or 5.08cm

Blue squirrel hair is the most readily available and comes in long lengths, as well as short lengths. It is generally used for striping brushes and lettering brushes. Brown, or kazan, is no longer as plentiful as it was several years ago. It is generally found in the shorter lengths and used for stripers, quills, and outliners. Both blue and kazan are very soft and fine. They point as well as kolinsky, but have very little snap, since the hair is not very resilient. Grey squirrel is the hardest to find and the most expensive. It is more durable, has more snap and makes a great quill or lettering brush.