8 in. Color Mixing Wheel

8 in. Color Mixing Wheel

Item#: USA CW8
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Since 1974

  • Color Mixing Wheel is used to blend colors
  • Easy to use windows show blended colors
  • Pack contains one 8" Mixing Wheel
  • The Mixing Wheel can be flipped over to reveal Gray Scale Color Mixing Chart
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Weight: 1.0 lb


Unlock the mysterious of color. The Color Mixing Wheel by U.S. Art Supply is a simple color mixing tool that helps you mix colors effectively. It allows you to visualize numerous color schemes so you can create harmonious color combinations. Have fun with colors and paint with confidence. Achieve a brilliant spectrum of vivid colors that will enable you to bring any creative vision to life.

The Color Mixing Wheel is a must have and easy-to-use tool for artist and painters of all ages. It features primary, secondary and tertiary color mixtures, tints, tones and shades, complimentary, warm and cool colors, gray scale, and our Color Terminology and definitions.